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ceedee swap

share the music.

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Here's the scoop. Looking for a CD but don't wanna shell out the cash or want to try before you buy? Post what you're looking for or what you've got to swap. Someone who has what you want or wants what you got will respond, and you guys can set up a swap. Trade originals or copies.

It may cost a quarter for a cd and a dollar to ship, but its a fair trade.


User 1 (post): I'm looking for Artist 1 - Album 1, and I've got Artist 2 Album 2, Artist 3 Album 3, and Artist 4 Album 4.

User 2 (post): Sweet, I've got Album 1, let me trade you for Artist 3.


Do not post your address. Set up a swap through e-mail or a chat client.

If some one does not complete a trade, post there user name and a moderator will ban them from using ceedeeswap.

Do not sell your CD's here. By any means.